A LEIGH father, roused from his sleep by a phone call from an undertaker, discovered his son dead in a bedroom.

Carl John Williams, 26, who once had told his mother he wanted to commit suicide, had killed himself with a lethal concoction of tablets.

He was found dead by his father, Allan, last June in the bedroom of their home at Winmarleigh Gardens.

Mr Williams described how he had found Carl's body ironically after being wakened by a 2am phone call from a funeral director who lived next door and wanted his help at work.

Mr Williams told a Leigh inquest how at the age of 23 his son had begun to act abnormally after returning from a holiday in Holland. He said he was hyperactive and did not sleep.

Carl had undergone hospital treatment and had also on occasions been missing for days. He had also been found in a collapsed state in his bedroom and also in the street in Leigh town centre.

The day before his death he had bought about 300 paracetamol tablets from a selection of Leigh area chemists and a quantity of boxes were later discovered in rubbish taken from his room.

His mother Lesley Barbara Williams said during a period three or four years ago when Carl was living with friends in a council flat he had told her he wanted to commit suicide.

Coroner Aidan Cotter said a post mortem examination showed concentrated levels of paracetamol, codeine and proproxyphine were found in Carl's blood above therapeutical levels.

He said: "Each act upon the other and the effect of all of them is far greater than their individual parts.

"He had gone to the trouble of buying a large quantity of tablets and going to different chemists to get them. He took the overdose secretly and had no reason to think he would be found quickly. He clearly intended to take his own life."

He recorded a verdict that Carl had taken his own life.