WHILE you are reading this letter, do you know where your young children are?

Better still, where were your children on the weekend of Jan 13-14 between the hours of 6pm to 11pm? Were they at home or were they part of the gang causing a nuisance to the residents of Lowercroft estate in Bury?

Would your children be abusive to adults, take dog excreta out of the bins and spread it on school walls and windows and all over hedges and the pavement?

Surely it couldn't have been your child who was jumping on top of hedges or making a racket with their skateboard outside the old people's flats after 11pm.

Well, sadly, somebody's children were, so please check what yours are doing and who they are with when they are out, and explain to us victims what they were doing out so late at night without supervision. Last of all, where were you while all this was going on?