"MOTORISTS could be driven out" was the headline on a story in the Bury Times (Jan 5).

This seems to be the main aim of the Government and now the local council seems determined to hound the motoring fraternity for as much money as they can possibly get. This idea for town centre tolls is just another stealth tax, as is charging employees to park on company car parks after charging them to use the roads to get there in the first place!

The excuse for all this is said to be the need for money to improve the public transport system. I am surprised to hear the words "public transport" as most of it appears to be privately owned.

No doubt council members will be exempt from paying this tax when parking on the town hall car park, or they will claim it back as expenses.

I wonder how much longer it will before everyone has to pay a tax for walking on the pavement to even get to their car?


Brierley Street,

Fishpool, Bury.