I WRITE in response to the article headed "OAP's battle for Red Bank" (Jan 5) and the opinion of Mrs Muriel Waddington regarding the condition of Red Bank field in Radcliffe.

Most readers will be aware that last year was just about the wettest on record and the problems the Silcock fairground family had was the intensely wet weather leading up to and then during the fair's stay. It was a daunting task to stage the fair under these extreme conditions, but the Silcock family did not disappoint the people of Radcliffe by cancelling it.

The Silcocks have held the June carnival fair for more than 30 years, supporting the town and the carnival. The family make a substantial donation to the carnival charity fund and also to the morris dancing event held in September. The photograph published showing deep ruts in the muddy field was also somewhat misleading as it was actually taken prior to the tidying of the field.

The point made by Mrs Waddington, that Bury Council was left to repair the field, is true but this cost was covered by the fair as part of the bond agreement drawn up by the council when they let the field.

A further point was made about the loud music. The fair was there for only one week out of the year and was open for four days, or a total of 22 hours. The level of the music was raised at peak periods only, a problem addressed by the strategic placing of large panelled lorries on the perimeter of the fairgound to dampen the sound. So surely this was not a justifiable complaint.

In my opinion Red Bank playing field is an ideal location for the June fair. It causes very little disruption to the town during carnival week, and brings much pleasure and enjoyment to young and old alike whilst supporting the town in a traditional annual event.


Plymouth Grove, Radcliffe.