AT last, I have found something that both the political groups of Blackburn Council are agreed upon -- neither wants the people to decide that an elected mayor should govern Blackburn Council.

In the most unlikely event of this option being picked in an opinion poll, steps would probably be taken to have the decision changed by fair means or foul.

A directly-elected mayor need not belong to either of their parties and would be free to pick his cabinet by ability, not party hierarchy. The party leadership option means that the leader is forced to give appointments to party stalwarts, regardless of their ability to carry out such responsibilities, as is demonstrated at present.

Unfortunately, public apathy will allow the councillors to make their own choice on the system of local government implemented in Blackburn. Not being ever the optimist, I live in hope that the electorate will at least given them something to worry about and express the desire for a directly-elected mayor.

L LAWES, Bold Street, Blackburn.