"THINGS can turn around very quickly in football." A cliche used by many a pundit but one that rings true for the Sunday League team, Uncle Jack's FC who a few of my Witton team play for.

Two seasons ago Uncle Jack's gained promotion from Division Three and consolidated their position last year. Hopes within the club were high that they would challenge this season. An unbeaten pre-season seemed to back this up.

A bad start to the season was followed by an unwelcome drop off in keenness amongst some of the players. Thankfully it would appear that my players are exempt from this but why, after a dodgy period, do others within a club develop mysterious injuries, Sunday jobs or a girlfriend who is more important than the team? It also doesn't help when the top scorer of the past two seasons decides to disappear.

Every club needs commitment at all times and it must be frustrating for the people at Uncle Jack's who work hard on behalf of the club (including support from the pub) when others can't be bothered in times of need. It's too late to care when the club has been relegated or has folded.

On a happier note, I must mention the performance of our full back Dave Cullen who, after three months out injured, returned last weekend during our victory against St Matthews and duly placed their left winger into his pocket and only let him out when their manager decided to withdraw him before his frustration boiled over. Welcome back Dave.