THE centre of St Helens is in such a mess that we challenge any 'town planner' or any of our Councillors to direct a motorist from points on the edge of our borough to the Theatre Royal ; which was oh so simple to reach, such a short time ago.

For goodness sake open up Corporation Street to traffic again. We are only likely to use the full Town Hall Square once or twice per year. For example for the 'parade of the white elephant' and for such an occasion we could close it off as they do the Melling Road, at Aintree for the Grand National.

For make no mistake, the damning of Corporation Street, the 'Globe Trotting' behind the town hall and the siting of that pathetic little 'bus station' has gripped this town by the throat and holds us all to ransom. And now for the bad news! It unfortunately and undoubtedly will get worse!

We are assured that it was no joke when Ken Dodd phoned the Theatre Royal from his car, asking for directions there: and he had attended many times over in past years!

Small wonder that our theatre is being strangled and losing particulary elderly and disabled clients. Could this be held up as an example of St Helens driving business elsewhere?

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