WHILE shopping in St Helens on January 29, I was given a flyer advertising that Atomic Kitten were appearing at Music Zone between noon and 1.30pm.

I finished shopping and went back home to get my 12-year-old daughter and her friends so that I could take them to see Atomic Kitten.

I arrived at 1.05pm to see the band signing autographs. My daughter joined the queue of children that had formed. The next minute Atomic Kitten walked off.

I checked my watch and it was now 1.10pm. I was then informed by a member of staff, who stood there shaking her head, that Atomic Kitten weren't signing any more autographs and that they were leaving. I pointed out the time, and that children were waiting.

I told her I found it disgusting that they advertised a time at which they would appear and then did not fulfil this obligation.

Is this what the music business is about? They collect money from fans who purchase their CDs, and then leave these fans waiting in a queue and refuse to sign any autographs?

As a consequence of their actions Atomic Kitten lost out on the sale of 3 CDs to the children and we will will not be purchasing any more records that the group make.

MICHELLE Lewis, Laurel Avenue, Newton-le-Willows. Michelle Lewis, 20 Laurel Avenue, Newton-le-Willows, WA12 8HY