RECENT comic-swapping reminiscences have drawn long-distance response -- from a former Sutton lad who became a highly successful business chief in America.

Ian Campbell, a proud 'Pudding Bagger' from way back who is now living in some style just outside Atlanta, Georgia, tells me he tunes into this page each Wednesday on the Internet.

And he touches on the comic-swap contribution of a certain M. J. Crampton. "I believe he must be Michael, who attended St Anne's School at the same time as me (1946-52)".

Ian adds of this particular Michael: "I remember him trading comics, but more than this I recall that he was quite an artist. At that time, the science-fiction era was opening up in comics and he was adept at drawing space-ships, rockets and the like".

If Ian's on the ball with his identification, it's the Michael who lived close to the corner shop of Junction Lane with Wilbur Street, just down from the 'Sutton Bug' cinema.

And the Pudding Bag where Ian once lived? This was a little working-class Sutton settlement, complete with its own cosy pub, tucked away just off the beaten track and with just one track serving as both entrance and exit.

BUT how did it get that peculiar name? If anyone can provide a written answer, with perhaps a memory or two of life in the old Pudding Bag, I'd be most obliged.