BROADWAY Community High School has become the first school in St Helens to win a Charter Mark.

The Charter Mark is awarded for excellence in public service and is judged by independent assessors against ten stringent criteria which are designed to test the strength of commitment to public service. As Charter Mark is designed for public service organisations, Broadway's achievement is particularly outstanding.

The report highlights the strong leadership of the Headteacher and senior management team and the high level of commitment demonstrated by both teaching and non-teaching staff.

Broadway is commended for its high standards, strict adherence to an anti-bullying policy and high quality pupil reports to parents , the school is said to demonstrate a tradition of open communication demonstrated by both teaching and non-teaching staff.

The Charter Mark was presented to Deputy Headteacher, Mike Cooper and Office Manager Mrs V. Munro at a ceremony in London on Tuesday, Feb 13.

"Charter Mark is another indication of our school's willingness to have outsiders come to judge our quality and commitment" said Mr Cooper.

"1999/2000 was an excellent year for the school with our best ever exam results, record year 7 intake and the hitting of all our targets. It's a great credit to staff, pupils and their parents".