A PENNILESS conman vanished with a single mother's belongings after wooing her with promises of cash and a luxury family home, a jury was told.

Burnley Crown Court heard how ex-convict David Tiny' Bannister had wormed his way into the affections of hard-up mother of two Trish Loveday, then on benefits and living in a council house, before disappearing into the "wide blue yonder," with a £1,500, haul which included money, her daughters' videos, games and a Furby doll.

Bannister, who is said to have told jobless Mrs Loveday he was due an inheritence of more then quarter of a million pounds after his grandfather had died in Australia, £90,000 from the sale of a house and was having a Range Rover delivered, also took with him property belonging to two of her friends.

Mrs Loveday, of Crawshawbooth, who said she had been considering marrying the defendant and building a life with him, broke down as she told the court how she returned to the home they shared to find a lot of her things had gone.

The court was told that the woman, who met Bannister through a magazine, said she had become very very fond of him over a period of time, he had seemed caring and showed a great deal of concern for herself and her children.

Bannister, 39, formerly of Bridlington, denies three counts of theft, allegedly from Mrs Loveday, Judith Cormack and Victoria Johnson, all on August 4, last year.

Roger Green, prosecuting, said the defendant, then living in Leeds, placed an advertisement looking for friendship, in a magazine called Back Street Heroes. Mrs Loveday responded, they communicated and seemed to get on well.

He said Mrs Loveday, to put it bluntly, 'fell for' Bannister and last July, he began to live with the complainant and her daughters.

The defendant painted a glowing picture of himself, saying he had cash in the bank, £90,000 due from a house sale and was to inherit £300,000 from his late grandfather's estate. None of it was true.

Mrs Loveday told the jury Bannister had seemed like he was very sincere and he came to stay with her and her daughters last 10 July.

She claimed the defendant told her he had £94,000 from the sale of a previous house and expressed interest in a 'lovely big house' with a garage.