READ with disbelief (LET, February 28) of the farcical decision by Burnley councillors to award themselves a disgraceful 70 per cent expenses rise and then cut back services at the Mechanics (left).

Then, we find that, surprise surprise, the good council tax payers are landed with a massive inflation-busting tax rise. In the real world, where most of us live, if you pay more you get more, not less.

If these councillors are so out of touch with what the people of Burnley value -- the Mechanics -- it is a sad state of affairs and they are not representing our views. Isn't that what they were elected for?

To use an old Lancashire phrase "I wouldn't pay them in washers." Roll on the election., if too much damage hasn't been done. Maybe, by then, all we'll have as council tax payers is our bins emptied -- monthly!

MARK BENISTON, Hameldon Close, Hapton.