I HOPE the Accrington market scheme is nothing like the artist's impression (LET, February 15). Otherwise it will be ghastly and more likely to frighten shoppers away than to attract them.

The design of the new shops in Broadway looks awful and just in front of the Market Hall is a jumble of small buildings which I take to be part of the new open market. I deplore the proposal to build a row of kiosks in Broadway. Unless these are solidly built and armour-plated, they will be a yobs' delight.

More thought must be given to the various trades to which the new shops will be allotted. We already have too many card shops (11 in the town centre at the last count), mobile telephone shops and ladies dress shops -- most of which seem to cater for mainly the younger end.

We need some new specialist shops, of which we have hardly any at the present time. All our 'big name' stores -- Marks, Woolworths, Boots, etc are small and sell only a limited range of goods. For other lines we have to go to Blackburn or Burnley. Least of all do we need a pub on Broadway -- there are too many alcohol outlets already in the town centre or near.

There is no mention of a toilet block. This is essential, as the present one in Peel Street is the only one in the area, has to cope with a large number of people and requires numerous minor repairs.

The council says several 'big name' businesses are wishful to come to Accrington. Since there are at least 40 empty shops in the length of Blackburn Road from Abbey Street to the railway arch and adjoining streets, why are none of these 'big names' taking some of them? Are the rents too high?

The market traders have been complaining for a long time about their rents, too, and a considerable number have left the town.

All that is necessary for this market scheme, which has hung like a millstone round our necks for the past nine years, is for the present open market building to be demolished, replaced by a new one on the same site and the bus station replaced where it was two years ago.

The cost would be less than half the £7 million allocated for this present scheme, and would satisfy the townspeople.

ROBERT RUSH, Hodder Street, Accrington.