DJ ROBERT Hughes was 'rocked' when he was attacked in an alleyway on his way home from a gig.

Robert was carrying two cases loaded with gear when he was jumped upon from behind in a back street near to his home in Parkinson Street, Burnley.

Compact discs, microphones and property, valued in excess of £4,500, was stolen.

Robert, who set up as a full-time disc jockey about six months ago, had been doing his usual Saturday karaoke night at the Royal Butterfly pub and was making his way home at about 12.30am on Sunday when he was attacked.

He said: "I do the Royal Butterfly every Saturday and always walk home.

"I was going down the same back street I always use near to my home, when I was suddenly pushed violently from behind.

"I was sent sprawling on to the ground. I hadn't seen or heard anything."

Robert added: "I went down and by the time I recovered my senses, both cases, one silver and one black and a red hold-all had gone. There must have been two of them to run off with them so quickly."

He added: "I suffered bruises and cuts to my hands and elbows and I was well shaken up.

"But it is the blow to my livelihood which is more serious.

"I am supposed to be working again on Thursday, but there is not much chance. I am going to have to pass on work to someone else."

Robert added: "I have lost more than 200 discs, three microphones, including a radio mike and my catalogues, most of it is of no use to anyone else. They are mainly backing discs, which you would not play at home."

Police are making inquiries into the incident and anyone with information is asked to contact Burnley CID on 01282 472144 or get in touch with Crimestoppers, free of charge and in confidence, on 0800 555111.