MONEY-SPINNER: Hospice appeals manager Mark Sandamas receives a cheque for £12,000 from Padiham and Hapton fund-raisers MEMBERS of a fund-raising group for Pendleside Hospice, Reedley, have benefited for keeping their eyes on the building society market.

When the Padiham and Hapton group was set up two and a half years ago it was decided to open an account with the Bradford and Bingley Building Society when rumours were rife about it being converted into a bank.

Every time money was raised it was squirreled away into the account and their perseverance paid off recently when the hospice was issued with shares in the new Bradford and Bingley Bank.

The group handed more than £12,000 to the hospice at a presentation evening at the Hare and Hounds pub in Padiham.

Kaye Bartle, hospice fund-raising assistant, said: "We have several fund-raising groups operating in the area. The money they raise plays a valuable part in providing the services that we do. We are grateful to the Padiham group for their hard work and their wise investment."