A PUBLICAN aims to turn his customers into real high flyers with helicopter trips.

Russell Camm is promising big changes to a rural pub and says he plans to turn it into a real high flier.

Russell is the new landlord of the Shepherd's Rest in Rishton.

Among the plans being lined up for the old pub are helicopter flights, cabaret nights and pensioners' specials.

Russell, 35, of Penwortham, Preston, said: "This is a great move for me because I have come to a fantastic community-based pub in a nice area which hasn't yet been developed.

"It is also great to have a restaurant and we hope to become better known for our good food than anything else."

Russell previously ran a Scottish and Newcastle owned pub in his native Penwortham for seven years before being attracted to Rishton.

Russell added: "I've got several ideas up my sleeve to bring the punters in.

"I want to do special meals for pensioners, cabaret nights, summer barbecues and helicopter flights from the pub grounds."