A HAIRDRESSER is on the verge of international stardom thanks to his music . . . but it has nothing to do with any barbershop quartet.

Robert Grice and musical partner window cleaner Stuart Connor are waiting for their rave track to be snatched up by record companies.

The dance duo, who call themselves Paradise, are on the verge of releasing their track I Want Everything in the US sunshine state of Florida.

And having just had the song rerecorded after a generous donation from Leigh businessman Nick Maher, they are now looking for a record label in the UK to sign them up.

Generous Nick gave them £250 after reading about the dance duo in the Leigh Journal last June shortly after the band first formed.

But even with a bit of extra cash, Rob and Stuart still had to cut costs by recording their track at night time when the studio in Manchester was not being used.

Rob, 30, who runs The Barber Shop, on Chapel Street, Leigh, said: "It's had a really good reaction on the dance floor locally. We think it would do really well in Florida.

"At the moment dance music has gone really big there. They just love English music. We are very hopeful that we can sell the licence to play it over there."

The song, using samples from other records, reached number two on the BT website, where music fans can download free music, and was the music editor's choice of the week. It has also been played on Rock FM.

Rob and Stuart teamed up a year ago when 29-year-old Stuart heard a track being played in Rueben's nightclub in Leigh.

He knew only that a barber had recorded it (that was Rob, all done in his bedroom) and so he went through the Yellow Pages until he found him.

Now the pair could soon be challenging the likes of fellow musicians the Chemical Brothers and Fat Boy Slim.

Dad-of-two Rob, of Winchester Avenue, Astley, said: "I started out just because it seemed like a bit of fun and I thought that there were some rubbish dance records out there so I thought why not try to put something decent out."

Rob is a self taught keyboards player and producer while Stuart, of Leigh Road, Atherton, is a classically trained pianist.

Their new single was first mixed as Paradise 2000 but the quality of the recording was not up to scratch.

Having found a manager last year, the group was introduced to the production team of 2 Strong -- who have worked on several albums for big name stars -- and recorded their new single professionally.

Rob added: "We are just looking for a record company now. We have a great track and it could be our big breakthrough."

Copies of the track are available from his barbers shop or by logging onto www.getoutthere.bt.com.