BURY'S Interchange could become a "no-go zone" for children unless security is stepped up, claims a worried mother.

Her 13-year-old son was among the victims in a series of daylight robberies which took place in front of scores of witnesses at the bus and Metrolink station.

On one day alone five children, one just ten years old, were robbed of mobile phones and small amounts of cash by two teenage boys in and around the Interchange.

In one incident a 16-year-old boy suffered a broken nose when he was punched in the face and robbed.

The 13-year-old boy was also targeted on the same day, February 17. He escaped injury but had his £80 mobile phone grabbed from his hands as he called his parents. His mother, from Shuttleworth, is now demanding that security is stepped up at the Interchange, pictured here, to protect young travellers.

She told the Bury Times: "The last thing I want to do is stop my children visiting Bury.

"But unless something is done quickly I fear that the Interchange and the surrounding area will become a no-go zone for youngsters."

Even local schoolchildren have raised concerns about the town centre terminal.

Only two months ago, members of Derby High School's Youth Forum voiced their own concerns for their safety in Bury's Interchange.

One girl said that young people did not feel safe there at night because of the gangs of other youths who shelter in the buses station. Others called for extra police and bus staff patrols to deter incidents of violence and theft.

Police chiefs in Bury are now to apply for government funding to support an initiative aimed at resolving the problems in the town centre.

Bury police have confirmed that there is a need for discussion about security levels at the Interchange with local authority officials and with members of the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority and contact will be made shortly.

Chief Inspector David Morris also stressed that further financial support will be sought by the division from the Government funded crime initiative Operation Hawk which has been set up to combat street robberies.

He said: "There is no crime epidemic sweeping Bury's Interchange. What we have are isolated incidents.

"However, we have stepped up uniformed patrols and all reported offences will be investigated fully."