CHURCH-goers packed into a Leigh church to celebrate the power of prayer --along with people across the world.

People from 20 Leigh churches gathered in St Mary's Parish Church in Leigh for the World Day of Prayer which is celebrated every year in all parts of the globe.

Children from Leigh Church of England Primary School acted out a scene from the bible during the service, which was composed by Christians in the South Pacific island of Samoa.

Tropical flowers and foliage adorned the church including teuila flowers -- the national flower of Samoa -- along with tropical fruits, conch shells, flower garlands, models of Samoan houses and photographs of Samoa.

The service in Leigh was led by June Challis and the scores of gathered worshippers also heard a speech by local teacher and mum-of-four Christine Welch.

Singing was led by Joyce Wood of Bedford Methodist Church with Neil Holland of St Mary's Church on the organ.

It was one of more than 3,000 services that took place in Britain and in more than 180 countries worldwide,

The collection of £250 will go towards the work of Christian literature societies and for Christian educational projects throughout the world.