AN ARSONIST caused havoc at Hag Fold housing estate in Atherton.

In the second of six similar incidents which happened between 1.20 am and 3 am a blazing wheelie bin was pushed against a public phone kiosk in Norfolk Road, destroying it.

Other fires were started in bins causing damage to fencing in Car Bank Street and Warwick Road.

Sub Officer Darren Baird of Atherton Fire Station said: "We spent half the night chasing round Hag Fold estate dealing with bin fires. Whoever is responsible should realise their behaviour could have hindered our response to emergency situations."

Atherton councillor Mrs Sue Loudon said: "This is one of three phone kiosks on Hag Fold and all are vitally important on such a large estate where not everyone has their own phone.

"Why would someone do this? It is senseless."

Cllr Loudon said she would contact the local authority engineers' department to try to organise bin replacements.

And council colleague Cllr Reg Holmes, who lives on the Hag Fold estate slammed the childish behaviour of whoever was responsible.

He said: "This stupid behaviour is costing the taxpayer money and tying up the fire service when something much more serious could arise. It is time whoever did this grew up."