A MAN says he was disgusted when he found a foot and mouth warning poster among the rubbish thrown into his garden.

The sign, newly erected by Wigan Metro in the light of the killer virus crisis, had been ripped down and thrown over the wall of Derrick Cunliffe's home in Chaddock Lane, Boothstown.

Derrick, 65, has slammed the litter louts who use his garden as a bin.

"I suspect it was ripped down by children, but I didn't know who to contact to tell them," said Derrick, who is calling for litter bins to be put in the area.

He said: "The bus stop is a mess and people waiting throw their cigarette packets, crisp packets and other things including bottles and canisters over my wall.

"Across the road I think they hang stuff from the hawthorn hedges. It gives a colourful show at this time of the year, but it is an awful sight.

"It only needs one person to drop a bit of paper and everyone else thinks they can add to it. The litter problem really is getting out of hand."

A Wigan Council spokesman said council staff were busy signing footpaths with foot and mouth closure notices over the weekend.

He said: "Sadly some of these have been destroyed by thoughtless people who do not understand the seriousness of the situation. If people let us know where they have been torn down we will put up replacements.

"We will always consider putting litter bins in blackspots if people contact us. Requests should be make to the cleansing department."