The Saturday Message, with Canon Stewart Hartley, Vicar of St John with St Philip, Nelson

ASK my family; when it comes to shopping I'm lost!

Put me behind a trolley and ask me to choose a packet of breakfast cereal and I break into a cold sweat.

Which sort will the family eat? What size should I get? Which is best value and so the questions go on. In the end I grab a packet and hope for the best!

I have to live with my choice at least until the packet's empty. If I have chosen well the packet is soon gone as all the family eat it but if it was a bad choice then I seem to have to munch my way through 'Dogo Flakes' forever! Other choices in life have more lasting effects for good or bad.

In 1987 a survey was carried out asking people if they had ever had a 'religious experience' 48 per cent said they had.

The same survey was repeated in 2000, then 76 per cent said they had.

Spiritual experience is back on the agenda. The fact that you are reading this may mean you are interested as well.

The problem is where do you look? At one time your only choice would be a Christian Church of one sort or another. Now there are 'spiritual supermarket shelves' full of a bewildering choice of 'Pick and Mix' spiritualities.

The idea being that you construct a faith that suits you. A bit from here, some from there, all tailor-made to fit you.

The trouble is where does it all lead? If you don't find hope and deep satisfaction but hit a spiritual dead end then it's a lot worse than munching your way through a bumper size box of Doggo Flakes!

For deep down in all of us (or at least 76 per cent of us) is a deep yearning for some big answers to our deepest needs. Where does the search begin?

Jesus said: "I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father (God) except through me."

He is the key to the search. Satisfaction guaranteed. Now and always. Try him! He is available now for he is always open and just a prayer away.