This week, with celebrity chef ANDREW NUTTER, of Nutter's Restaurant, Edenfield

MEMORY: On holiday on Anglesey, my dad holding me by my feet over a wall at the cliff edge. One of those half- terrifying mom- ents where you think, 'is he going to drop me? Am I going to die?'

KISS: When I was seven, at primary school in Prestwich. It was in the playground and we were playing kiss-chase. I can't remember who it was.

LOVE: When I was in London aged 16 I met a girl called Sarah at a Jean-Michel Jarre concert. We went out for six months.

DRINK: Wine on holiday with my parents when I was about 13 or 14. We were in a little boat on the canals in southern France and sampled the local vintage.

HERO: Anton Edelmann at the Savoy, London. When I was doing cookery competitions he was one of the judges and offer- ed me a job when I left school. He taught me everything I know.

HOUSE: I bought my first home, a luxury apartment, a year ago at Bamford, on the outskirts of Rochdale. It's up for sale and I shall be sorry to see it go.

PET: I don't do pets. I've had the odd goldfish which hasn't lasted very long after being brought home from the fair. JOB: When I was about 14 or 15 the chefs used to leave me in charge of the buffet at the village squash club in Prestwich. I thought I was doing it for the love of the job, but I got called into the manager's office and he started counting all this money out. All I can remember is running straight home to my parents and throwing all this money in the air as if I had won the pools.

LIE: One Christmas when I was 11 or 12. My sister and I were playing chase round the Christmas tree and it fell over. It was full of glass baubles which smashed. I can't remember what we told our parents, but I think it was a really crazy answer. We owned up later.

EMBARRASSMENT: At the restaurant John, who works in the kitchen, suggested playing a practical joke on one of the waitresses, who was in the toilet. We threw a leek through the window, heard a scream and scuttled round to watch her coming out. But we had thrown the leek at a customer. I gave her a few drinks on the house.

HOLIDAY: We used to have a holiday home on Anglesey. When we went back to school everyone else had been to Tenerife or Spain, but I always had to say we had been to Anglesey.