A BURGLAR who raided the home of a profoundly deaf couple as they slept is behind bars, while his accomplice who helped get rid of the spoils has won his freedom.

Burnley Crown Court heard how the victim and her partner knew nothing of the night-time attack on their Burnley home until they were awoken by as police officer -- and a judge said they would always be haunted by worry that it might happen again.

Recorder Timothy Ryder sent Gary Barras, 29, of Manchester Road, Burnley, to prison for 21 months, after he admitted burglary.

He said the victims, who had taken their hearing aids out to go to bed, were particularly vulnerable and Barras should be thoroughly ashamed of himself.

Brendan Ormonde, 30, of Girvan Grove, also Burnley, who had been in custody, pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods and was put on probation to attend the substance-related offending group.

Michael Lavery, prosecuting, said a witness saw two men going in and out of the door at the back of the couple's home.

They were seen loading goods from the property into a car, police were contacted, followed the vehicle and found the defendants.

Property worth £350 had been taken.

Robert Crawford, for Barras, said nothing he could say could save Barras from prison.

He had been there since last December and had served the equivalent of a six months sentence.

He was not aware the occupants of the house were deaf.

There was no evidence they were targeted, they were not awoken or confronted, although it must have been shock for them to find they had been burgled.