A HAIRDRESSER was left with a £100 bill when thieves broke into his wife's car and stole his baby's pram.

Jon Cooper, of Millstone Road, Bolton, owner of Jon Cooper Hair, Radcliffe, found the window of his wife's Fiesta had been smashed and his 15 month old son's pram stolen.

He said: "The car was parked outside our house but we didn't see or hear anything.

"It happened while we were both asleep. I don't know if the thieves took the pram to use or just to sell.

" There doesn't really seem to be much we can do about it. Who would stoop so low to steal a baby's pram?

"We will have to replace the car window and buy another pram now.

"Perhaps the person responsible would like to call round for the matching rainhood? I wouldn't like the thought of his child getting wet!"