NOT only was the headline 'Huge support for ban on hunting' (LET, June 15) highly misleading, but the contents of the report showed it also to be arrant nonsense.

It said: "In a MORI poll... 80 per cent who describe themselves as 'New Labour' want the traditional country sport outlawed."

From this, are we to infer that the only opinions worth considering are those of New Labour supporters? I realise that we have a virtually totalitarian government, but this is ridiculous.

May I suggest two things:

1. The vast majority of the population has no real interest in the matter at all.

2. It is being pushed mainly by left-wing, egalitarian dinosaur MPs who see such pursuits as a remnant of the "us-and-them" syndrome.

I am against stag-hunting and hare-coursing as such, but the fox is classified as vermin and is a vicious killer. How many hunts are there per annum and how many foxes are caught, anyway?

Apart from this, one must begin to wonder if certain elements in this government are hell-bent on disintegrating the UK as such, and also in destroying our national identity and heritage.

R BRACEWELL (Mr), Ormerod Street, Worsthorne, Burnley.