IN the Star letter from California in 'Home Thoughts', I was surprised to read about a Jack Waring, now 78-years-old.

I often thought about a young lad named Waring and a young lad named Briscoe, but did not remember their first names.

If this is the same Jack Waring, and judging by his age I think it might be, he worked on plastics at Triplex in Eccleston and used to get the keys to go to the Saints ground on a morning for a practise game of rugby. A lot from Triplex used to go and have a game, and if this is the same Jack Waring, he was a good young player then.

If so, I am glad to hear of him as there's not many left from that time. I should say he worked there about 1939 to 1941. I remember him but with the war everything went astray and we all lost touch. It changed all our lives.

Norman Thomas, Blackbrook.