MY uncle (William Turner) was a United States citizen and served in the United States Air Force during the late 1940's - 1960's.

He was born in Carbondale, Oklahoma (USA) on March 16, 1929. His parents were Mr. And Mrs. Carl Patrick Turner of Ponca City, Oklahoma (USA). While stationed in Europe, he married Miss Ivy Lathem in 1949 in St. Helens Merseyside, in a Church of England.

Ivy was born June 11, 1930 (I think the year is correct). Ivy was the daughter of a Mrs. Effie (I'm not sure on the spelling of her first name) Lathem, who was born between January and September of 1900 in Liverpool or St. Helens, England. Ivy had one brother, Tom Lathem, who also lives in/near St. Helens or Liverpool. William and Ivy had one son, William (Billy) Turner, born on June 23, 1949.

Both the son - William ("Billy") - and his mother, Ivy, gained dual citizenship with the United States and England. William Turner (the father) died in April of 1983 and is buried in St. Helens. Ivy Turner (the mother) died in 1995, and is also buried in St. Helens.

Billy (the son) married an English lady in 1986, Leslie in Houston, Texas (USA). They have one son, William (Billy), who lives with his father, William. William was born in 1987, and would now be around 14.

The reason I am writing is that for a couple of years, I have been unable to contact my cousin, William or his son, Billy (my 2nd cousin). Our families had previously been in close contact. I am concerned that something may have happened to him. The last address I have for William Turner is 39 North Road St. Helens I wonder if your readers can help me to find them.

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