I FELT most concerned when I read the letter headed 'What Have We Go'' from 'Worried Yicker'.

I have never written to a newspaper before and I have no wish to curry favour with Councillor Caunce, but it would be most dishonest of me if I did not offer some support to a former colleague on Haydock Urban District Council when, I felt his worthiness for recognition was being called into question.

'Worried Yicker' refers to Councillor Caunce being recognised for his 50 years council work and then asks what he has done for Haydock?

The writer then lists a number of facilities that Haydock once had, and now lacks, and, because of these losses, appears to infer that Councillor Caunce should not be recognised for the service he has given.

I think Councillor Caunce could probably produce a far more comprehensive list than 'Worried Yicker' of amenities that Haydock lacks or has lost. But I can tell you from my personal experience on HUDC that none of the amenities lost were surrendered without profound opposition, lobbying and objections from Councillor Caunce. In fact, Councillor Caunce was very often the person formulating, organising and leading the opposition. I can also assure you that Councillor Caunce worked ceaselessly for improved amenities in Haydock. He was probably the most enthusiastic councillor with whom I had the pleasure to serve.

Haydock is not a perfect place, but all its shortcomings cannot be placed at the door of Councillor Caunce who, from my experience, was a most effective, capable and dedicated councillor. The major part of his life has been devoted to public service and I personally believe that this sort of selfless devotion is worthy of greater, not less recognition.

I am not trying to advise people how to vote or, that they should not complain but, to suggest to 'Worried Yicker' that if we want to improve Haydock recognition of service in general and Councillor Caunce, in particular, are inappropriate targets for our criticism.

Jim Caunce has lived in Haydock all his life. He too, could, perhaps, be described as a 'Worried Yicker', but for the past 50 years he has taken the trouble to do something to alleviate his worries, by giving his time in an effort to make Haydock a better place in which to live.

Have we?

Appreciative Yicker (name and address supplied).