A BURNT-OUT nightclub which closed when its owners went into liquidation owing more than £1million is to rise from the ashes -- as a house.

Hyndburn Council has received a planning application for the charred shell of the former Brassingtons Cabaret Club, in Burnley Road, Altham, to be turned into a private dwelling house.

The building was put up for sale in November last year by Manchester-based firm Christie and Co for £200,000 after receiving instructions from Andrew Redmond and Derek Oakley, who are acting as receivers for Blentford Ltd, the firm which owned Brassingtons.

The venue, which was previously the Martholme Grange nightclub, closed in January this year after Blentford went into voluntary liquidation owing more than £1.1million.

Blentford Ltd had failed to keep up with repayments to creditors as laid out in a corporate voluntary arrangement signed by directors of Blentford in March 1999 after the firm had been told it faced a winding-up order from angry creditors. Those who were owed money when the firm went into liquidation included staff and entertainers who had appeared at the venue, such as comedian Billy Pearce and the Abbamania tribute act.

Diners from Christmas parties which had turned into "foodless fiascos" have not seen a penny in refunds either, despite being told their complaints were to be dealt with after the Millennium break. A spokesman for Hyndburn Council said: "We have received a planning application for this property to be turned into a private dwelling house.

"It will be discussed at a meeting of the development services committee which will decide the outcome of this application."

Relevant parties, including Altham Parish Council, will be consulted for their opinions on the scheme.