STRIKING college lecturers have received a pay slip with a difference.

For the 'slip' has awarded the lecturers an extra day's wages -- for stopping work for 24 hours.

Accrington and Rossendale College decided to dock the salaries of staff who went on strike last month as part of a national protest. But instead, the 20 lecturers who took action -- which spread throughout colleges across East Lancashire -- were amazed when they received notification that they were due to receive an unexpected £110 bonus.

"We were absolutely delighted," said a lecturer who is a member of the National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education, the union which went on strike on May 22. "But we're waiting to see if they're going to take it back."

The £110 bonus is itemised on the wages advice as 'Industrial Action,' and says a 1/190 chunk of salary -- a day's pay -- has been deducted. But someone hit the 'plus' button instead.

A spokesperson for Accrington and Rossendale College said money went into employees' bank accounts on Fridays. "No payments have been made," she said.

"As part of the normal checking procedure it was found an error had been made. People will now recieve a second payment advice and their normal pay will go into the bank."

NATFHE called the 24-hour stoppage to protest at the alleged stalling of pay talks nationally. Lecturers say they are paid an average of £5,000-a-year less than A-level teachers in schools on comparable grades.