A PARK could become out-of-bounds after dark as councillors battle to combat teeny terrors who have turned it into a no-go zone.

Councillors have pledged to look into the possibility of closing Rhyddings Park at night - after more than 100 residents in Oswaldtwistle hijacked a council meeting to say they were at their wits end.

The residents around the park claim it has become a haunt for foul-mouthed yobs getting drunk off potent alcopops.

They say the young thugs terrorise them to the point where they stay in their homes at night - with those daring to go on to the park risking a volley of abuse, physical attack and even witnessing teenage girls going to the toilet in public.

The residents - some crying - stormed out of Tuesday's meeting of the Oswaldtwistle Area Council when vice-chairman Sandra Hayes called time on their debate and moved on to a new issue.

Councillors today pledged to sort out the problem.

Coun Doug Hayes, an Oswaldtwistle councillor and cabinet member for crime and disorder, said: "One option which we will look at is closing the park at night.

"That would involve rescinding a council decision taken in the 1960s to keep it open all the time. Rescinding the order is the easy bit. "At the meeting on Tuesday a rough guess of £300,000 was made to make the park secure at night, with new gates and building up the walls.

"It is something we will consider but we will look at other options too, like bringing back wardens to the parks."

He added: "We are fully aware of the problems the residents have. The police operation to sort out problems around Union Road has worked but it has created a problem in the park.

"We will work with the police to help halt the problem and we will take action."

At the meeting Coun Brian Walmsley, cabinet member for leisure, pledged that no youth shelter for youngsters would be built on the park.

He said: "They wrecked the bandstand, a shelter and a bowling pavilion. I can assure you they will not get a youth shelter just to wreck that."

Sgt Ian Hanson, the area sergeant for Oswaldtwistle, said: "We know there are still problems and we are working to take the troublemakers out.

"There are just a few troublemakers and we still believe our operation to tackle juvenile nuisance has been a success."