A BOROUGH council's tourism service had been ordered to work more closely with other borough departments to make the area more visitor-attractive

A Best Value audit -- ordered by government officials to review the department and see how it can be improved economically and efficiently -- of Ribble Valley's Tourism division revealed that, although it is doing a fair job, it can do much better.

Council chiefs say work is under way to improve its tourism provision after a government report into the service was published this week.

But John Heap, director of commercial services, said they were being hampered by the continued presence of foot and mouth in the borough, which has so far cost them £611,000 in lost tourism revenue.

Top of the list of improvements required by the inspectors was liaison with other council departments to bolster tourism.

The inspectors believe working more closely with economic development, planning, parking and museum staff will lead to a better borough for tourists.

Good quality tourist information displays should also be provided in the borough, while facilities like public toilets should be examined to see if they can be improved to enhance 'visitor experience.'

Better and clearer information at the tourist information centre, based in Clitheroe Castle grounds, has also been requested, along with a drive to reduce costs but improve tourism revenue.

Visitors will also need to be consulted on what they think of the service.