THE world's first virtual schmooze cruise has set sail on the cyber-seas of love after the lauch of the all new Flirtboat.

Flirtboat is the world's first online interactive flirting game that helps visitors perfect their flirting skills and to learn new techniques.

Hosted on, Freeserve's woman's channel, Flirtboat invites players to register for entry to one of four three month games, in which you must build up flirtpoints and kisses on a virtual cruise.

Players enrol by completing a registration form that generates a personal avatar -- your very own virtual alter ego -- who'll scour the decks for your perfect virtual partner. Once on board players are encouraged to explore the flirtboat to meet and interact with other avatars. The most successful 'flirter' wins a fabulous holiday at the end of all four cruises.

To be successful, players must make the most of all the virtual events in Flirtboat's many rooms, otherwise they run the risk of becoming miserable, lonely and an increasingly poor flirting prospect.

Flirtboat is totally safe and a fun environment, so if you think you have the je ne sais quoi that'll set you apart from your fellow voyagers register at to unleash your charm on the world.

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