YOUNG drivers are risking their safety by using Heysham village and Morecambe's car parks as race tracks, police have warned.

A clamp-down has been launched to stamp out the dangerous practice, and young drivers are being warned that car parks are subject to the same laws as any other road.

The police have used their unmarked motorcycle and car to prosecute 10 local driver for speeding and general poor driving standards. One driver was reported for having no licence or insurance. But they also want to educate and persuade young drivers.

Inspector Ken Clayson, head of Morecambe police, said: "We have received complaints from local residents about youngsters racing through the village and the promenade car parks.

"We want to concentrate on dealing with them through education and persuasion rather than solely on enforcement.

"They must realise they are mostly inexperienced and are endangering themselves and other road users."

PC Keith Collins of the divisional road policing unit, added: "We are not out to harass young drivers, our message is simple, if they are using the roads over the forthcoming months we will be watching, and are ready to take a tough line with offending drivers who continually flout the law.

"Those who use the car parks as a race track are reminded they form part of the highway and are subject to the same rules under the Road Traffic Act."