PENSIONERS are being targeted by a con man who poses as a water board worker.

The man has struck using similar techniques across Lancashire, with several incidents in the Preston and Cleveleys areas.

However, the same person is believed to have been targeting older people in Morecambe and Lancaster.

In the most recent incident, an 87-year-old man from Wingate Saul Road, Lancaster, was conned.

A man claiming to be checking the water supply arrived and was allowed into the home, where he was able to steal from the man.

The same person is also believed to have carried out a theft at Eastham Street in the city.

Det Sgt Mark Salisbury of Lancaster police has repeated a warning to pensioners to demand Identification when people claiming to be workmen from the utilities call at the house.

He said: "It is important to ask for identification, any genuine workmen will not be offended if you do so.

"Unless you are completely satisfied do not let these people into your home. Contact a friend or relative for help.

"These thieves thrive on vulnerable people, particularly the elderly who, at times, have a more trusting nature than most of us.

"These operators are shameless individuals who think nothing of stealing someone's money, valuables, family heirlooms and lifelong items."

Anybody with any information is asked to contact Lancaster police on 01524 63333.