A THOUSAND cheers for the record breakers from White Watch at Leigh Fire Station, who turned their hand to lighting fires rather than preventing them -- all in the name of charity.

In a ten-minute flurry of burning wicks and molten wax the team -- set on course by the Rev Terry Challis -- raised a hefty sum towards the Leigh Parish Church tower rebuild fund.

Watched by an enthusiastic and generous slice of the community, they lit 1,000 candles atop the giant parish church shape cake donated by a local bakery, earning themselves the right to an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

A real community effort in aid of a worthwhile cause. Sex attack claim is cause for concern READERS wouldn't believe the number of calls we have had from a variety of members of the public regarding the supposed "mystery" sex attack in Leigh.

Only, according to our tipsters, the scene of the event, which we hope above all else really did not happen, was at Howe Bridge, Westleigh and Tyldesley depending who was providing the information.

If the call to police was a hoax, then whoever is responsible could surely find something better to do with their time than spark an all-out police search.

But the police should be commended for their handling of the investigation, reassuring the public that if such a shocking event did happen, they would do everything possible to help the victim and find whoever was responsible. Show of strength is against all the odds STRENGTH comes in many different forms.

Strength of mind, strength of body and strength of character are attributes we acknowledge many people possess.

But not many individuals are so special that they combine all three.

Then there is Michael Pyke, strong in arm and mind.

Crippled with spina bifida, he has had to endure what many people would see as a struggle for most of his 34 years.

To Mike, an enjoyable day out is a high-speed tour in his wheelchair, returning home which hands blood raw or having hoisted a few times his own body weight above his head.

He has taken on and beaten the world.

Now his adversary is cancer, but he is determined he will beat it and this weekend takes on Britain's top weighlifters in his build-up for the ultimate test.

Mike has not had a great deal of luck through life, nor has he asked for any.

But if there is some to be handed out, we know where we'd like it sent.