READERS from around the world have once again been contacting the Journal with requests to get in touch with friends and family.

The Get in Touch section of our website has been inundated with requests from Canada and New Zealand to closer-to home places such as Gloucester and Bolton.

Some of the latest correspondence includes: Kevin Newton, of Bolton, asks if anyone knows the whereabouts of Kathryn Croft or David Hodgkinson, who were at Westleigh High School when he left in 1978. Any others who attended Westleigh around that time are welcome to get in touch at email:

Deborah Spivey (Grauert) of Fenelon Falls, Canada writes: "I am looking for a couple of friends, Jacqueline Higham and Gillian Moran, who used to go to Lords Commercial College until 1973." email:

Sandra Quayle Soomro (who used to live at 216 Twist Lane, Leigh) and now of 2505, Traywick Chase, Ga USA writes: "Hi, I would love to hear from any of my old friends in Leigh; especially from King Street or Leigh CE high school 71-77. Please contact me via email." email:

Douglas Carter, of 55 Lime Tree Road, Codsall, Wolverhampton. WV8 1NX, UK writes: "G. Grandson looking for descendants of Samuel Walters (died 1925). Samuel was a miner from Wolverhampton, who moved to Atherton during the later part of the 19th century (1872 onwards). Samuel was widowed in 1894 and remarried in 1895 to Margret Wakefield at the Independent Methodist Church, The Avenue, Leigh." email

Pat Daniel (nee Swankie) of 18 Carrington Drive, Bolton writes: "I used to work at Five Acres nursing home, Kenyon Lane, Lowton in the late 1960s and 70s. I have tried for years to contact the matron Marjorie Ackers, she had a son Billy, who married Barbara Shaw, a daughter Yvonne, who married Barbara's brother Barry. Have tried various ways but no luck. Please can anyone in the Leigh area help? Thank you." email

Rosemary Harvey, of Oxfordshire, is seeking details of Thomas BRYAN, married Eve Meadowcroft March 1902. Known children - Daniel b 1904, Sarah b 1906, Charles b 1907, Norah b 1909, Emmie b 1910 (married Abel Ravion), Thomas b 1912 ,Annie b 1914. Thomas killed In action 1916. Areas are Bolton, Boothstown, Worsley, and Leigh.

Rosemary says: "Any information on these Bryans or their families would be very much appreciated, I am trying desperately to research my Dad's background."email:

Ernie Lloyd writes: "In 1965, a group of lads from Leigh Grammar School sixth form, myself included, wrote to a group of girls from San Diego, California. Our English teacher, Mr Cassidy, even wrote a play for us in which the girls "appeared" on tape. I kept writing for 36 years and recently my pen friend and I met for the first time. Any other of the group still writing?" Get in touch anyway. email:

Alec Thorpe, of Gloucester, writes: "This is my second attempt to contact anybody who was in 5G at Hesketh Fletcher in Atherton and left July 1971. Perhaps you have a mate who was in that class, if so let me know. Thanks."


Steve Openshaw writes: "Anybody go to Lowton High 85-90? I'm still in Leigh but have lost touch with most school pals for one reason and another. I was in 5-1 (Mr Rigby's class) in my final year (89-90)." email

David Champion, of Wimbledon, writes: "Janet Wright of Woodvale Avenue, Atherton (1960s): please get in touch, we have a lot of catching up to do." email:

Dave Lyon, of Auckland, New Zealand, writes: "Always interested in links to my family from Leigh. Anyone from the area with the same surname, I'd like to hear from you." email: