YOUR correspondent's description of the horrendous problems facing decent, hard-working tenants in the Livesey area of Blackburn (Letters, August 20), are mirrored in nearly all the other estates in the borough.

The senior posts of the company now owning the town's former council properties, Twin Valley Homes, are held by the old guard from the council's housing department, whose disastrous lettings policy over the years and failure to monitor and take swift action when the trouble started, are, in the main, responsible for the serious degeneration of our council estates and have ultimately resulted in the demolition of large sections of council properties.

Eric Leaver's article 'Blame the tenants, not the tower blocks' (LET, August 22) brilliantly summed up public concern over anti-social tenants on our estates and the abysmal failure of the housing managers to prevent this degeneration.

The decent tenants of Twin Valley Homes are entitled to a reasonable quality of life in a decent environment, but they are not getting it and throwing money at the problem is not going to make it go away. A classic example of this is the Roman Road estate saga.

We want a housing policy with teeth. We want a much tighter letting system and an outreach monitoring scheme and swift intervention when things go wrong and managers that can manage.

If not, it's Skid Row for the tenants and bankruptcy for Twin Valley Homes.

EDDIE DUXBURY, Arthur Way, Blackburn.