LEIGH Centurions' bid to take over the London Broncos will be discussed by the board of Super League Europe in Huddersfield today.

But all the signs are that there is growing opposition to the proposed merger which would see Leigh buying out the Broncos' franchise and catapulting the Centurions into Super League next season.

The Rugby League and Super League are loath to lose their only professional club in the south and there is a suggestion today that both bodies could take over the management of the Broncos for the next 12 months to ensure the clubs stays in the capital.

Branson's Virgin Group no longer want to own or manage the Broncos, but will not abandon them completely. Branson is prepared to sponsor the club for at least another three years.

Charlton Athletic FC, London's landlords at The Valley, are also due to meet today to discuss buying the Broncos and merging it with their soccer operation.

But even if Leigh and London do strike a deal to re-locate at Hilton Park, they still would need approval from SLE and the RFL - which they seem unlikely to get.

Significantly Greg McCallum, the RFL's executive director of rugby said yesterday: "There is no way in the world we can sit back and allow Super League to die in London. It would be a public relations disaster."

"We don't want the Broncos to re-locate to the north either. I don't blame Leigh for their stance because they can see a business opportunity.

"Super League Europe and the RFL are committed to to ensuring that London Broncos survive. We cannot afford to lose London."