THREE generations of the same family had a field day at Padiham flower show.

Grandad John Greenwood and dad John Goodenough and his daughters Bethany, six, and Shauna, four, put in 93 entries and came away with a crop of awards.

John and John put in 82 exhibits and won the trophies for most points in show, flowering plant, top vase and egg section.

The Goodenoughs won the best decorated egg section and had other successes in the children's classes.

The show was held at Padiham Town Hall on Saturday and was opened by the Mayor and Mayoress of Burnley, Coun Jack Alston and his wife Mary.

Show secretary Cynthia Heys commented: "The number of entries was very slightly down but the standard was absolutely brilliant especially in the vegetable and flower sections."

Other trophy winners were: children's decorated sponge, Victoria Robinson; best vegetable, Terry Hinton; confectionery, Mavis Butler; best in children's classes, Simon Robinson; novice dahlia, Joan Greenwood; best in flower section, William Turner; floral art, Mavis Butler; wine, E Wilkinson; tomato, Ken Ridehalgh; vegetable tray, Terry Hinton.

Class winners were:

Flowers. Chrysanthemums, incurved K Middleton; any, K Middleton; dahlias, decorative, K Ridehalgh; cacti, Greenwood and Goodenough; pompoms, K Ridehalgh; any variety, Joan Greenwood; vase, K Ridehalgh; single, T Hinton; three roses, R Barker; single, R Barker; calendulas, A&J Marshall; sweet peas, L McDonald.

Foliage plant, W Turner; geranium, W Turner; flowering, Greenwood & Goodenough; gladioli, R Barker; annuals, Greenwood & Goodenough; begonia, Greenwood & Goodenough; antirrhinums, K Ridehalgh.

Wine. Red, dry, E Wilkinson; sweet, G Curson; white, dry, E Wilkinson; sweet, E Wilkinson; table wine, red, G Curson.

Confectionery. jam tarts, D Whittaker; custard tart, M Butler; applie pie, M Butler; Maderia loaf, M Butler; shortbread, D Whittaker; jam, A&J Marshall; lemon cheese, M Hitchon; raspberry jam, M Hitchon; marmalade, M Butler.

Eggs. white, greenwood & Goodenough; tinted, A&J Marshall; brown, Greenwood & Goodenough; bantam, Greenwood & Goodenough.

Vegetables. Tomatoes, K Ridehalgh; truss, T Hinton; potatoes, round, T Hinton; kidney, K Ridehalgh; turnips, Greenwood & Goodenough; carrots, T Hinton; beetroot, L McDonald; swede, H Wightman; Onions, any size, T Hinton; under 8oz, T Hinton; cabbage, Greenwood & Goodenough; lettuce, A&J Marshall; peas, T Hinton; runner beans, K Ridehalgh; broad beans, Greenwood & Goodenough; cauliflower, Greenwood & Goodenough; cucumber, K Ridehalgh; marrow, K Ridehalgh; any other veg, K Ridehalgh; leeks, T Hinton.

Floral arrangements. In unusual container, Lynda Hinton; "Into the Millennium", M Butler; "Byegone Times", M Butler. Children's classes. Edible necklace, Victoria Robinson; face made from cabbage, Simon Robinson; decorated egg, Goodenough girls; animal made from vegetables, Simon Robinson; flower drawing, Georgia Burrows.