PUB cleaner Christine Hindle should have no problem with her shopping bill -- for she's won a year's supply of food and drink!

Competition fanatic Christine, of Riverbank Terrace, Altham, entered a competition in a national magazine where she had to write out a recipe but because she sends off so many different forms she soon forgot about it.

Then she received a letter -- dated Friday July 13 -- informing her that she had won the prize of £4,000 of food and drink to be divided into monthly instalments of £333.33.

Christine, 49, who works at the Simontone Hotel, Simonstone, said: "Friday the thirteenth was certainly lucky for me but I didn't believe it at first and thought I was dreaming when the letter arrived.

"I've won a lot of prizes before including £1,000 and a massive television but this is extra special and I am over the moon."

And the win also means that money which would have been spent on the weekly shop can now be saved so that Christine and husband Ian, 46, can treat themselves.