A NEW campaign is being launched to clamp down on under-age drinking, following a rise of anti-social behaviour.

Police are planning to focus the initiative on adults buying alcohol for minors. Licenced premises will also be targeted, to increase the awareness of the growing trend of youngsters asking adults to buy alcohol on their behalf.

The operation aims to remind residents in the borough that the purchasing of alcohol by adults for people under 18 was announced as an offence in January, and there are now tougher penalties.

The initiative will see the use of high-profile policing in the area, ensuring residents are aware of the new long-term strategy, aimed at reducing the problem of youths causing annoyance.

Officers will confiscate any alcohol being consumed by youngsters, and parents will be informed. The use of CCTV footage will also help in gathering evidence to help prosecute adults purchasing alcohol for youths.

Sgt June Roby, of Wigan police station, who is leading the new initiative, said: "Youth-related nuisance is an increasing problem in the borough and it is made worse when youngsters are under the influence of alcohol.

"The operation hopes to stamp out the growing problem of adults knowingly buying alcohol on behalf of young people.

"GMP won't accept this irresponsible behaviour and we are taking positive action by working with off-licences to prevent this from continuing."