THE following people have been in contact with us through our website, looking for old friends:

Peter Johnson (Peter. of Hexham, Northumberland is looking for Malcolm Tomblin, formerly of the Plank Lane area, possibly now living in Lowton.

Lindsey Sankey, of Tonge Fold, Bolton ( would love to hear from anyone who left Westleigh High School in 1993, as she has lost touch since moving away from Leigh. She is also keen to contact Heather Morton, who left Westleigh High School and went to live in Hull.

Nostalgic Lowton High 'oldie' Michelle Allsup -- -- mailed us from London. "The time has come -- the big 30! I find myself thinking back to the good old days of Lowton High School. Is there anyone still out there? If Sara Boardman or Tracy Willan rings a bell, then you know me! I think it's about time we had that dreadful school reunion! 82-87... school leavers do - I found myself snogging Mark Summner! Please get in touch and let's gossip!"

Seeking information on her ancestors is Rhoma Kelly, of 56 Oscar Ramsey Drive, Boambee, NSW 2452, Australia ( who tells us: "My grandfather was William Hatfield, he had a tailor's shop at 1Queen St, Leigh in the early 1900s. He had six children, was married to Sarah Alice Smith, and the children's names were William, Ernest, Harry, Nellie, Alice and Fanny. I am the daughter of his youngest child."

Cathy Bachmier, of Box 129 Barriere, BC, V0E 1E0, Canada ( wonders if she still has relatives in Leigh. Her grandfather was William Lord, and her grandmother was Annie (Thomason). Her mother and father were John and Esther (Tichborne) Thomason. Her grandparents emigrated to Canada in 1927.

Ex-Atherton schoolgirl Valerie Birch, of Fitzroy Street, Feilding, New Zealand ( wonders if anyone remembers her.

Valeries writes: "My name has now changed to Jefferies and I left for New Zealand in 1993. I was at Hesketh Fletcher CE High School 1975-1980. I'd love to be in touch with old school mates. Names that ring a bell: Mandy Oxley, Gillian Unsworth, Julie Foran, Tracy Whaites, Deborah Shaw, Angela Sale, Nigel Thorpe, Stephen Tinsley, Andrew Coleman, Stephen Parkinson, amongst a few. If you know any of these people pass on my regards and tell them I'd be glad to hear from them or anyone that remembers me in that area. My mother was Connie Birch (Connie Eaton) and now lives in New Zealand as


Maria Lawson, of Moshav Neot Hakikar, Dead Sea 86905, Israel ( is interested in hearing from any old friends from the time she spent at Bedford High School.

Jacqueline (, of York, writes: "I am trying to get in touch with my friend who I lost touch with just over 10 yrs ago when she moved to Leigh. Her name was Catherine but was known as Rena, maiden name was Potts. Her daughter Maria will be 21 in January 2002. Please, please if anyone knows of them tell them I am desperate to get in touch.

Michael Broome, of 45 Tareena Street, Craigmore, South Australia is trying to locate Steven Carr, John Stones, Alan Goodwin, all used to live in Westleigh, also Paul Calvert, went to Leigh Boys Grammar School early '70s.