WIGAN and Leigh Hospice Council have acknowledged gifts totalling more than £20,000.

Donations ranging from £1.50 to £2,500 were made between July 5 and August 14.

They included: IMO Elizabeth Boland from John Arrowsmith £29.81; IMO Michael Walford from Miss K Boulton £30; Mrs T Rathbone - Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride £15; Rachel Bradley £100; Anon £10; IMO Irene Kinsella from Leigh Inner Wheel £500.

IMO Annie Maddock £75; IMO Denis Rigby £120; IMO Florrie Marsili from Mr and Mrs G Hindley £25; Standish United Charity £2,500; IMO Debbie Nuttall-Parr from Mr and Mrs T Hulston £230 and colleagues and friends at Northern Counties Housing Association £31.87; IMO Mary Wilkinson £50.

IMO Mary Inwood £95; IMO Julie Lee from Breast Cancer Support Group £50; IMO William Fort £50; IMO Arnold Fishwick £55; IMO Sally Wraith Mr and Mrs W Wraith £10 and Mr and Mrs J Waddington £30; IMO Brian Lawton £105.

IMO William Hogan from Vortex charity event £479.59; IMO Bill Fort £400; IMO Jack Barton fro Mr and Mrs Turner £10; IMO Muriel Roberts £100; Master and Bretheren Benedicta Chapter of Freemasons £50; Foxfield, Wigan £30.90; IMO Connie Simm from David £30.

IMO Elizabeth Walker from Pat Fairhurst £5; IMO K Eatock from BC Electrical Contractors £10, MAC Housing Ltd £10;

IMO Bian Lawton Queens Arms, Platt Bridge £35; IMO Vincent Hill £260; Bush Hotel, Ince, £66; IMO Stanley Wood £565; IMO Winifred Simm £105; IMO Margaret Heaton past treasurer Friends of Wigan and Leigh Hospice from the Friends £20.

IMO Robert and Anne Monks £10; IMO Muriel Roberts from Theresa Lathom £20; St Aidan's Church, Billinge £100; IMO Denis Rigby from Mr and Mrs W McCann £15; Mrs B Turton £10; Aspull Village Club £75; IMO Eric Ashurst £200; Mrs and Mrs J Mayer in lieu of wedding gifts £385; IMO John Swann from F P Kay £5.

IMO Alf Cox from residents and staff at Strickland House Farm £50; IMO Mrs J Lyon from Dr V Hughes £15; Rachel Nicholson £2.50; St Thomas' Mothers' Union £23; Carole Banks in lieu of speakers' fee £25; Church of Christ, Hindley, proceeds of sponsored run £100; IMO Ken Fernside from Mrs and Mrs P Kellett £40; IMO John William Gurhy £25; IMO Tilly Sutch £20; IMO Anne Kay £50, Anon £6.49.

Mr and Mrs T Livesley £10; IMO Norman Bradbury from Lower Ince bowling team £60; IMO James Clarkson £400; IMO Alan Penning from Mr and Mrs B Christy £25; IMO Mr and Mrs Frank Green £10; IMO Joyce Lyon from Mrs A Freeman £20.

IMO Barrie Gaskell from Craftprint £174; IMO Mr E. Gore £42.74; Alan Jones funeral directors £107.72; IMO Brian Lawton from Margaret Oldfield £10; IMO Gail Simpson from staff at Wirral Town Hall £165; IMO Debbie Nuttall from Mr and Mrs R Nuttall £10; IMO Ken Fernside £555.

Anon £20; IMO Karen Hill £10; John and Kathleen Sweeney in lieu of golden wedding gifts £610; Anne Sheeran £150; IMO Sydney Byron £35; IMO Barbara Smith £35; IMO Mary Wilkinson £20; IMO Pat Spencer from Dorothy Hall in lieu of 50th birthday gifts £450.

Halliwells bowling competition £35; Mrs M Sherwood £10; IMO Brian Lawton £20; IMO Mrs Emma Keeley from Hindley Green Social Club £40; Holy Family CMS £105.

IMO Tom Unsworth from Norma Unsworth £30; IMO Ronnie Carter £20; Mrs M Ward and friends £50; Julie Knapton and Tim Appleyard £20; Leigh Lions Club £260; IMO Jack Barton from Maureen Barton £180; IMO Margaret Richardson £225; Staff and customers Atherton shop £17; IMO Ken Fernside from Mrs L Fernside £70.

Anon £20; IMO Norman Murphy £35; Hindley Rotary Club £500; Mrs Abraham £20; IMO Veronica Neal from Dorothy Prescott £45 and Wendy Harding £10; IMO Walter MacGuffie from S MacGuffie and Janette £100; IMO Ken Eatock from Mark Heyworth £20.

IMO Percy Prescott £125; IMO Jack Kennedy £100; IMO Lillian Hardman £100; IMO Jacqueline Hynes from Mr and Mrs Hynes £20; Mr Darwell £50; IMO Mrs M Richardson £312.50; IMO Ernest Knowles from Hilda Walker £10; IMO Mr H Hughes from Mrs B Kay £10; Bamford and Norden Women's Club £15; IMO Sadie Ellison £265; Anon £30; IMO Alan Arden £25, Mr and Mrs J McManus £15, Concert Inn £50; IMO Winifred Simm from Trinity Methodist Church £60.

IMO William Stubbs from Mrs M Tyler £40; IMO Herbert and Joyce Edwards from Mrs Birchall £30; IMO William Stubbs from Mr and Mrs E Stubbs £25, Mrs Fisher and Marie £10; IMO Thomas Duckworth from Alice Davenport £10; IMO Joan Mawdesley from Alice Duckworth £5; IMO Gladys Barton £50; IMO Thomas Duckworth and Joan Mawdesley from Margaret Duckworth £25; Friends Wigan Hospice £1,000.

IMO Flo and Raymond Gregory from Linda Jones £300; IMO Sharon Vizard £244; IMO Harold Hitchen £50; IMO Phyllis Kenyon from Miss E Willcock £10; Anon £1.50; IMO Emma Keeley from Alison Webb £100; IMO Doris Bourne £20; IMO William Stubbs from Jean Wright £10; Anon £40; IMO James Mellor from Mr and Mrs R Shaw £10.

IMO Albert Hill from Mr and Mrs Sweeney £25; IMO Doris Marsh from Mr and Mrs Marsh £35; Whelley Ex-servicemen's Club £60; anon £20; IMO Pat McFarlane from Nellie Clayton £20; IMO Sadie Ellison from M and S Retired Staff Association £15.

Mr S K Eckersley £250; Anon £20; IMO Olive White £25; Victoria, Hindley Green, in lieu of Mavis' leaving gift £58; IMO Doris Marsh from Mrs O Smith £10; IMO Mollie (Mary) Long from staff and patients at Alexandra Court £27.03.

IMO Gail Simpson £1535; Beryl Goodman £100; J Wilson £25; IMO Ethel Hargreaves £30; IMO Margaret Jolley from Mrs F Bradburn £10; IMO Betty Brown £185; IMO Susan Smith £107; Clients and staff at May's hairdressing salon and Mrs A Davis proceeds of hand made goods £76.

IMO Doris Marsh from Mr R Webster £10; IMO Hugh Denver Ratcliffe from Lowton and District D & D League £15; IMO Alice Jones from Joan Spanner £10; IMO Bernard Francis Haines £145; IMO Gerard Houghton £160; IMO Karen Hill £800; Carol Banks in lieu of speaker's fee £10; IMO K J Eatock £100; IMO Francis Myerscough from Mrs E Myerscough £300; Kathy's Hair proceeds raffle £200; IMO Patricia Deakin £125.