Dear Sir,

AS proof that Lord Smith and Coun Jarvis are acting in good faith when stating that we have lost thousands of jobs in scrapping Xanadu, may I ask how many Leigh contractors have been employed in the many jobs actually carried out in our town centre?

Which contractors laid the pavements in Railway Road through to Bradshawgate, which hold so much rainwater, and how many Leighites were employed in its laying?

Was it a Leigh contractor who made such a meal of the bus lane from Lord Street to Bradshawgate and how many Leighites were employed?

Will they also supply the address of the company which erected the covering of the new market, and how many Leighites, who would have known of the wind-tunnel effect, were employed?

Which local was paid to design that sticky-uppy thing near the Turnpike, and can we show the number of Leigh people employed on its erection?

I realise that the paint would not be manufactured in Leigh, but was it a Leigh company, employing Leighites, who reddened our streets, and made the hazard at the Lord Street filter?

May I finally ask how much of Leigh ratepayers' cash, including our Lottery money, was spent by councillors supporting a purely private company's attempt to introduce the Xanadu monstrosity, and how did this compare with the ratepayers' money spent fighting to retain the jobs that were already in the town like BICC?

Desmond Fleming

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