JIM Jefferies view on his sides defeat at the hands of Burnley.

On Glen Little:

"We didn't handle him at all well.

"He is big and awkward and he seemed to be getting through not just one defender but two and three whenever he ran at us.

"But we were sitting back far too deep and that was allowing him to do all his dangerous work in and around our penalty area, which is not what you want.

On Beni Carbone being denied a penalty and Ashley Ward having a goal ruled out for offside:

"There were two decisions that went against us and I still don't understand why.

"The penalty was a stone-waller. The defender wrapped his legs around Beni, there was no way it was a dive.

"He has turned to make room for the shot and the defender has touched him and got his legs around him to stop him getting in the shot. That's definitely a penalty.

"And then how the offside was given I'll never know.

"Eoin Jess played the ball in from level with the six yard box and the goal was scored from six yards, I couldn't believe it was disallowed.

"I went in to see the referee and the linesman said that the ball had travelled five yards forward, but I just don't see how that can be!"

On Burnley:

"Burnley fought hard, they were physically strong and worked.

"They were always a threat on the break, but given the effort we put into the second half I felt we should have had something from the game.

"But then we defended sloppily at times and we were poor for their first two goals.

"We created enough chances though and I felt we deserved something from the game, but all credit to Burnley they are a good side."