TOWN centre residents in Haslingden are calling for a street ban on the drinking of alcohol.

More than 100 have signed a petition asking Rossendale Council to enact a by-law to prevent the drinking of alcohol in public places.

They say they want a cleaner, safer and less dangerous environment and to eradicate the ugly sight of broken glass that litters the town centre.

The petition was organised by pensioner Margaret Sedgwick, who lives in flats in the centre of town.

The seventy-four year old said: "We are fed up with the noise, abusive language and fighting.

"I am not against people having a drink."

After making previous complaints of the behaviour of some drinkers in the town centre Mrs Sedgwick was co-opted on to the Rossendale Community Safety Partnership steering group committee.

Now her 130-name petition will go before a meeting of that committee at Rawtenstall Town Hall on September 13.

She said: "I got a good response when collecting names for the petition but with helpers we could have got ten times that number.

"On a fine day it is terrible with outdoor drinkers taking over the whole area.

"I keep my windows closed because of the obscene language."

Chief executive officer Steven Hartley said a banning order could only proceed with the support of the police.