CONSTANT vandalism has led the owner of Shakerley Lane to consider closing the road to the public for security.

Ray Williams' farm, situated on the private track in Tyldesley, has been subject to vandalism for some time and he is now at his wits end.

The most recent incident involved three bales of hay, which were food for Mr Williams's Shire horses, being set alight in a field last Thursday night. Firefighters took 45 minutes to put out the flames.

He said: "I've had break-ins with people pinching diesel and expensive farm equipment, but the main problem is people speeding up the lane. They use it, but they have no respect for it."

Mr Williams admits the lane is bumpy and full of pot-holes, but is reluctant to repair it as it only encourages the cars to travel faster.

Now he is being forced to consider closing his lane, which is used regularly as a short-cut between Lancaster Avenue, Shakerley, and Bolton Road, Atherton.

He said: "It would inconvenience a lot of people, but I can't put up with this. It's the last resort as a security device."