POGO sticks are set to bounce to the top of the Christmas toy list after appearing on Big Brother.

Well, after the craze for those silly little scooters last year, I can believe anything.

However, I don't advise using a pogo stick in non-stretch clothing.

In the '60s, I went round to my younger cousin's home on Christmas Day, sporting my brand new newly drained pure wool 'slacks' and red velvet jacket.

He'd been given a pogo stick, among other things, and of course the athlete that I was, had to show off.

I'd done no more than three bounces when I fell off and my knee went straight through my pants. I was devastated.

In the days of mostly indoor pursuits, it seems a long shot that such old-fashioned toys should prove a winner again. We shall see.

I keep seeing people in Bradshawgate carrying hula hoops? Unless you know differently.